3D modeing

3D Modeling Structure Design

Outsource Structural Design specializes in providing a wide range of structural modeling solutions, which includes 3D modeling services. We create structural model for all types of structures -concrete, steel or wood. Our 3D specialists precisely capture every detail of your drawings into a three-dimensional format, conforming to all your specifications.

Here are some examples of our 3D modeling services in structural design engineering:

  • Individual parts like beams, columns, slabs and their exact placement in a rendered 3D model
  • Special structures like Retaining walls, Water Retaining Structure
  • Shallow, deep and machine foundations
  • Sheet pile foundation
  • Steel, Reinforced Cement Concrete and composite beam framing
  • Roof Truss and Joist details
  • Steel connection details
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete/Steel Chimney with Necessary Reinforcement Detailing
  • Handrails and staircases
  • Pre-stressed structures
  • Lumber structures
  • Curved and planar structures of side shell, decks, bulkheads, tanks, masts, funnels, bridges, transmission towers etc. by positioning the plates, stiffeners, penetrations/ deck pieces, platforms, brackets etc.

We also convert hand-drawn sketches and structural design concepts into intelligent structural 3D models. Accuracy is guaranteed. You get all the necessary information for design and construction to the last screw or bolt.

We use different softwares to give you 3D models in the format of your choice. We can convert all types of structural design and structural drawings into digitized three-dimensional outputs. Our track record spanning more than half a decade proves our continued success in providing efficient structural 3D modeling services.

At Outsource Structural Design, we understand that clarity translates to precision, intelligibility and transparency, aspects imperative to the structural design process. To create a safe and sound structure, engineers should have an intelligent and precise view of all design-sensitive information, covering every minute detail. Our 3D outputs demonstrate that we keep all these in mind. Our 3D modeling services reflect our accountability, our commitment to serve you dedicatedly.

Our experience spans a broad variety of industrial, commercial, residential and institutional structures. Also included are special structures like monuments, bridges, tanks and retrofitted canopies. Our team is conversant with differing design specifications, working for firms across the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. Our expertise combined with our access to advanced technology results in both cost and time efficiency. Thus, giving you benefits of superior quality, reduced costs and decreased turnaround time.

Contact us and save up to 40% to 60% of costs on your 3d modeling projects!!