October 10,2009

Why shop drawings are so useful these days?

“Shop drawings” is a very popular term in Building Construction Industry today. Reason is quite clear – so many utilities and wide range of applications. Swiftness and accuracy is what matters today in this highly competitive building construction industry. Shop drawings are therefore so useful these days, because they give quick and accurate outputs for your business.

What are shop drawings- A common question that is bound to rise in anyone’s mind. Well, shop drawings are collection of accurate drawings of pre-fabricated components of buildings. These drawings are widely used by builders, contractors, designers and architects. With the help of such drawings, they can remove their headache and can more effectively concentrate on their core building construction activities.

As mentioned, pre-fabricated components are covered in shop drawings. Arrangements of these components are very important as far as construction of building is concerned. Some of the pre-fabricated components of buildings are as follow:

  • Steel elevators
  • Steel trusses
  • Pre-cast components
  • Steel structure
  • Wooden windows
  • Cabinets and millwork

Shop drawings deeply explain important information about above mentioned components. Also they make your mind clear about what component to use in how much amount in certain parts of building. Information that these shop drawings provide contain dimensional specifications, measures of components and clear calculation based on required plans. As a building professional, this is what you want to effectively and easily construct your proposed building structure in quick time.

Also shop drawings can provide vital details about sheet metal ductwork, plumbing, fire protection, piping and electrical components specifications. With so many utilities and usefulness, it is obvious that shop drawings are surely the most useful term in building construction industry.If you would like to get more information about shop drawings, then please visit us at

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