Structural 2D Drafting Services’ Significance In Structural Engineering Projects

Structural engineers and builders are now using structural 2D drafting services in their structural engineering projects more frequently. One of the reasons behind this is the immense significance of structural drafting in the industry nowadays. Amongst all other related structural engineering services, structural drafting services are the most sensible to use.

What is structural 2D drafting?

Structural 2D drafting is a process of creating accurate structural drawings of buildings as per certain criteria of users. These drawings are a result of building design calculations, structural design and detailed sketches. Also 2D presentational plans of building design, section and detail working drawings are covered in order to develop quality structural drawings. As per structural drafting outputs, users can plan their future construction activities.

What are various applications of structural 2D drafting?

As structural 2D drafting has a large number of utilities, it is quite helpful to users. Some of the most used applications are as follow:

  • Structural layouts with decking, joist for Reinforced Cement Concrete beam framing
  • Foundation Plan Drawing with footing and column schedules
  • 2D drafting, structural 2D drafting drawings, structural drafting design and structural specifications
  • Structural drawings, residential building drawings, house drawings, structural design drawings
  • Residential structural drafting, CAD drafting and design
  • Sheet Pile foundation drawings, pre-stressed structure drawings

Above mentioned applications of structural drafting are on high demand and have good importance in the industry these days. Using them effectively, users can get desired outputs from structural engineering projects.

Now as structural drafting is a decisive phase of any project, it is preferred to make it done by structural drafters. They are professional engineers and possess strong domain knowledge in the field of structural 2D drafting. Also they have good information regarding recent structural drafting standards and are capable of handling latest tools and technologies.

The long and short of the story is that structural 2D drafting is an important part of any structural engineering project. To know more about it, please contact us at:

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