January 4,2010

Advantages and Applications of Structural Drafting & Design

There are too many ways and methods to put in practice as far as building construction is concerned. Some of them are structural detailing, steel fabrication and so on. But structural drafting & design has changed complete picture of construction industry with the advantages and applications. The number of benefits it provides is much higher than any other structural engineering services.

When someone is looking for a new construction project, it will discover many options to accomplish successfully. Structural drafting & design tops the list of such options. Structural drafting provides detailed information about:

  • Drawings Symbols
  • Dimension Specifications
  • Building’s Design
  • Working Drawings of Steel and Concrete Structures

With above mentioned details, any builder/contractor can get enormous advantages from structural drafting. First is that they will be quite clear about their building’s dimensional specifications. Structural drafting will help them to decide which construction technique to work on as per their proposed building’s characteristics.

Also another advantage is that structural drafting gives working drawings of steel/concrete structures. Now what this does is that – it will help user to estimate what amount of building components to use in construction to get the maximum results. The main advantage of structural drafting is that it saves precious time and money of users. Also the ease in implementation makes structural drafting more popular and useful than others.

Talking about the applications of structural drafting, they are as follow:

  • Structural 2D drafting, 2D drafting drawings of various building types such as residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Steel shop drawings, cabinet shop drawings and fabrication shop drawings
  • Sheet Pile foundation drawings
  • Building structural drawings with details of slabs, beams, roofs, staircases and floors
  • Structural steel design, structural drafting analysis and many more

These are the most important applications in the construction industry. With so many applications and advantages of structural drafting, it can definitely be considered as the most useful of all. For more information about structural drafting, please contact at:

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