February 8,2010

Use structural models & make construction more profitable

Structural 3D modeling is a unique part of building construction. It is quite rightly important, because it provides robust and expressive structural models of buildings. And in today’s neck to neck competitive world, structural models and its applications are very much important. Using them, any building professional can achieve desired construction outputs.

Now let’s see what structural models are all about, what are its various applications and utilities for construction world. Structural models are 3D models of various building parts. It shows 3 dimensional views of any building object. Such 3D views of buildings are heavily used to get exact idea about your building’s geometry. Structural models give an expressive overview of your building – allowing you to view your proposed building with 360 degree views.

As structural models provide a detailed representation of your building’s design, look and performance, it has become very much popular in builders, contractors and engineers. They maximize such information – spatial relationships, geographic information and quantities/ properties of building components. Sometimes such details are provided in the form of 3D sketches of building parts. 3D sketches give all important information in a pictorial format.

Now looking at structural models and its applications for construction world, some of them are as follow:

  • Structural equation models
  • REVIT 3D structural models, REVIT models
  • Structural CAD 3D models, CAD models, 3D CAD models
  • 3D models buildings, 3D constructional models
  • Structural 3D models of various building types such as residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Steel structural models, truss 3D models, concrete 3D models
  • Shop drawings models, steel fabrication models, rebar models
  • Sheet metal models, structural design models and steel member models

Above mentioned applications and utilities of structural models are on high demand in builders and related professionals. Apart from these benefits, structural models can save precious amount of time and money of users. This is because of ease in implementing structural models in construction.

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