February 2,2010

Structural Steel Detailing – Wise to use or not?

As construction industry is expanding like never before, lots of structural engineering services are coming in the market today. Structural steel detailing is one of them. Now is it wise to use it in construction projects – is a general question that is obvious to arise in anyone’s mind.

First of all, let’s see what structural steel detailing is all about? Structural steel detailing is a kind of a method to produce effective fabrication drawings of pre-fabricated components. In other words, it is a process of developing detailed working drawings for builders, contractors and engineers. Structural steel detailing decides the necessities for developing each steel member, which are mainly used by steel fabricators to manufacture such steel members. Steel members are elements of buildings such as steel beams, columns, steel trusses, joists, braces, steel stairs, handrails, metal decking and more.

Structural steel detailing is a specialized process and requires expert professionals to implement it. Structural steel detailers are the right option to go for steel detailing. They are skilled engineers and have depth knowledge of steel detailing concepts. It is definitely wise to use steel detailing in construction projects and steel detailers can explore the maximum from it. So if you are looking for starting a new construction project, then you should go for this option for sure.

Structural steel detailing is advantageous in many ways, some of the advantages and applications of it are as follow:

  • Construction of steel buildings, steel concrete bridges and bridge detailing
  • Steel detailing drawings, construction steel member drawings, structural steel detailing solutions
  • Structural steel design, structural detailing services, steel structures applications
  • Steel fabrication drawings, shop fabrication drawings, steel shop drawings detailing
  • Steel metal design for steel detailing
  • Steel fabrication process
  • REVIT steel structural detailing

So from above, it is almost quite clear that structural steel detailing provides noticeable advantages and applications for any of construction projects – definitely a wise option to go with. If you would like to get more information about structural steel detailing, then please contact us at:

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