February 17,2010

Structural Analysis – An Effective Way To Design Buildings

To design a building as per modern trends is now necessary for effective building construction and to effectively design a building, structural analysis is one of the most reliable options of all. It is one the easiest and most useful method for building design and construction.

Structural analysis is a part of building structural engineering and can be defined as a specialized methodology to analyze and to predict the behavior of proposed building structure. This prediction of behavior is totally based on certain collection of physical science laws and engineering mathematics principles. In simple words, it is all about knowing how strong your building structure is.

The process of predicting any building’s physical integrity is very important to make it stronger and safer. That’s why structural analysis is the most useful options of all. Now what prediction is made while using structural analysis? Well, while performing structural analysis, following aspects are predicted:

  • Capacity of any building to withstand loads
  • Ability to handle external forces and loads
  • Is your building capable to cop with internal stresses and loads?
  • Calculations of each and every possible deformation

Apart from buildings like residential, commercial and industrial buildings, structural analysis is also quite useful in predicting behavior of bridges and other entities. Now as structural analysis provides basic but essential information about building, it is advisable to make it implemented by professional structural designers. They can execute precise structural analysis by using vital details such as structural loads with support conditions, geometrical information and building materials properties.

Structural analysis of buildings can be used in following ways:

  • comprehensive building analysis as per structural design principles
  • advanced structural building analysis
  • structural building analysis and modeling
  • REVIT structural analysis of buildings
  • Concrete structural building analysis and design
  • Steel building construction, steel building analysis and design
  • Steel fabrication analysis as per structural steel dimensions

By using such information about any building, one can easily design a perfect building as per desired criteria.

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