April 7,2009

Tekla Structure for Efficient Structure Modeling Process

For any type of structure modeling and design process, Tekla Structures provide flexible integrated solution. Tekla Structures supports multiple users simultaneously working on the same model and provide smooth transfer of information for your design.

Tekla Structures software is building information modeling (BIM) tool that streamlines the delivery process of modeling, design, detailing, manufactures and construction organizations. Thousands of Tekla Structures software users in more than 80 countries have successfully delivered BIM-based projects across the world.

Tekla structure software has successfully delivered BIM-based projects across the globe. Many companies use Tekla structure software for making their whole structure modeling design process simple and efficient. Easy integration with architectural models and create single-model environment is main strength of Tekla structure.

Software has ability to process extensive amounts of data for creating a detailed 3D model that applies to every stage of design and construction. From construction planning and design development to fabrication and installation, Tekla models naturally develop in parallel, representing the “as-built” condition of a building. Tekla Structures maintain the highest levels of data integrity and accuracy with effectively integrate the whole workflow. Such mutual workflows are the foundation for minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency, resulting in high profitability and on-time project completion.

Below is some basic information which is automatically produced by Tekla Structures:

  • Center of Gravity, conflict Checking for all or part model
  • Complete and Automatic Fabrication Details
  • Automatic General Arrangements, Elevations and Sections
  • Automatic lists including – MTOs, Bolts, Welds, Plates etc
  • Full revision control
  • Link straight through to CNC machinery
  • Plate nesting and Bar nesting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Full integration with popular software

Tekla Structures provides specialized configurations for Structural Engineers, Steel Detailers and Fabricators, Precast Concrete Detailers and Manufacturers, as well as Contractors.

If you would like to know more about process of Tekla structure modeling, please feel free to Contact us.

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