Structural Design Prices

Pricing depends on a number of factors -complexity, scope, turnaround time and other requirements of a structural design project.

Our approach to pricing is attuned to all these requirements.

First, you get an opportunity to understand how comprehensively we can serve you. We offer a FREE pilot project (not to exceed USD 50). A sample work for which you neither pay nor are obliged to provide further work.

Once you are satisfied that we can serve your project requirements effectively, you can go for one of the approaches, depending on the size and scope of the project:

  • Hourly Rate Approach
  • Man Month Compensation Approach

Hourly Rate Approach

Our engineers wiil you an hourly fee for all your structural steel design and detailing project requirements. This is ideally suited for your high but fluctuating structural design and drafting outsourcing project needs.

Man Month Compensation Approach

In this approach, we dedicate a team of our employees, as many as you require, exclusively to your company on full time basis (8 Hrs a day, 5 Days a week i.e. 160 hours a month).

It is also necessary to consider your customized requirements.

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