Rebar Detailing

Rebar Detailing is, yet another, in the list of services that Outsource Structural Design offers you, as part of a whole range of structural engineering solutions. We understand that rebar detailing requires much more than just know-how of rebar detailing software. Our company represents a team of structural engineers and expert professionals with extensive experience.

We have been working for structural engineering firms, worldwide, for more than half a decade now. We follow rebar design codes existing in different countries, delivering solutions that meet exactly our clients’ needs. Our expertise lies in our capability to fulfill complex requirements of rebar detailing design, keeping in mind the practicalities of construction.

We provide accurate rebar detail drawings in different formats to meet diverse specifications. Size and complexity of rebar detailing projects could never be a problem with us. We have the resources to deal with most challenges. Our philosophy is to give real value to our clients, serving them with accountability and dedication.

Consider Outsource Structural Design to get benefits of high quality, on-time delivery, flexibility, convenience, cost effectiveness and more.

Our rebar detailing services include.
From small residential buildings to manufacturing units, vast industrial set-ups, monuments and bridges, we specialize in detailing services for most type of structures. We offer Rebar Detailing services for your beams, slabs, columns, walls, foundations.and more.

Our projects include commercial and industrial structures, parking garages, bridges, high-rise & low-rise buildings, and special structures like tanks, retaining walls, etc.

Contact us and save up to 40%-60% of costs on your rebar detailing projects!!