Why outsource

Why Outsource Structural Engineering Design?

Why Outsource to India?
Why Outsource to Structural Engineering Design?

Outsourcing to India – A General View

There has always been a lot of debate on outsourcing. However, outsourcing continues to increase its scope and span. One strong contributing factor is competitive advantages on global scales. Which leads to the question – If not outsource than what?

Quality Efficiency
(Increased focus on quality for long-term business associations)

Cost Efficiency
(40-60% Savings)

Capacities Efficiency
(Increased scope of production/services through offshore resources)

Capabilities Efficiency
(Increased productivity due to knowledge and technology advantages)

There are numerous reasons to outsource – not only less production and services costs but also substantial savings, greater productivity, increased capacities, enhanced capabilities, real time benefits, and all these with more convenience than ever imagined before.

Outsourcing Structural Engineering Services to India

Structural engineering services involve labor-intensive processes. No wonder, with the labor strengths India provides, outsourcing of structural engineering services has seen a substantial increase in the current decade.

It is not only talent but also several other factors, which combine to provide offshore structural engineering services seekers with the following benefits.

India has been, more or less, the outsourcing hub for a variety of commercial, professional and social reasons. Indian policies have always promoted an investor-friendly environment. Better infrastructure, particularly when it comes to telecommunications and real estate, has tremendously increased outsourcing to India. 2.5 million and more graduates, coming out every year, provide a large, skilled and cheap English-speaking workforce. It is not a surprise that India’s revenue from outsourcing is expected to surge five-fold by 2012, according to numerous sources. Four-fifths of the world’s 500 largest companies outsource to India.

Outsourcing Engineering Services to India

Outsourcing Engineering Services to India gives you competitive advantages on a global scale. As per a study, outsourcing of engineering services to India has the potential to grow to $10-$20 billions in three to five years. India provides outsourced services in a number of engineering areas including automotive design, aerospace design, electrical and electronics design, instrumentation design, telecommunications design, mechanical, civil and structural designs, to mention a few.

Friendly approach to project management, accountability and dedication are other qualities, which invite services seekers worldwide to invest in India.

Outsource your structural engineering services to India to gain on business performance and expansion.

Why Outsource to Structural Engineering Design?

Outsource Structural Engineering Design, with its focus on Experience, Expertise and Economy, enables you to give more to your clients-

Increased Quality
We leverage our strengths to provide you risk free and efficient structural engineering solutions.

Increased Savings
You can save up to 40%-60%, maintaining high quality services without hurting your bottom line.

Increased Capacity
We help in increasing your scope of services, which can lead to an increase in your market presence.

Increased Capability
Our experience across industry verticals helps you to enrich your market coverage.

Increased Innovation
As we focus on a large part of your routine production processes, your engineers can focus on more innovation, increasing your business performance.

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